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Digital Marketing Agency Kotton Grammer’s Meteoric Rise To Fame

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I wanted to convey a tale of epic proportions. It’s a story about heartbreaking failure and earth-shattering defeat. It’s a unique spin on the proverbial American Dream for one individual who decided that a life of mediocrity wasn’t for him. However, it’s a journey that spans over a decade, one that left Kotton Grammer homeless near the end, defeated and at the end of his rope. Little did he know that he would go on to found one of the most successful digital marketing agencies on the planet.

However, before I relay this modern-day fable, I wanted to ensure that it conveyed a sense of hope and prosperity for people who might be struggling to achieve their goals. The shackles of the 9-to-5 rat race have certainly ensnared a large degree of our population in a sense of paycheck-to-paycheck hopelessness and despair. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those that stay persistent. And Grammer is a true testament to that.

Kotton Grammer

Kotton Grammer

Image via Kotton Grammer

Kotton Grammer’s story exists thanks in large part to the ever-pervading connectivity that binds us all. In this digital ether called the internet, we live, work and communicate with others on such a massive scale that it boggles even the most astute mind. Although we all exist in this world as consumers of media, very few are able to wield a vast amount of influence to capitalize and invest in themselves to create explosive results.

If you take a glimpse at the beginnings of Grammer’s story, in large part, it’s very much similar to the tale of countless other souls on this planet. For a great deal of his life, Grammer worked as an employee, consulting for corporations in the bustling metropolis of St. Louis. He spent a decade in that career, but somewhere, deep down inside, he knew that there was more to life than struggling in a job that slowly lost its luster year after year.

At the time, Grammer knew very little about digital marketing. It was simply the 800-pound gorilla in the room, a behemoth that he was well aware of but reluctant to tackle head on. In a string of very unfortunate incidents, and after his Grandmother got sick, Grammer took the opportunity to take a leave from work, one that spanned nearly 12 months. During that time, his life slowly dwindled down and deteriorated, leaving him morally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.

As Grammer’s financial situation diminished, and his grandmother was on her deathbed, his then-girlfriend, who had apparently been cheating on him for the past year-and-a-half, began to berate him, telling him that he was useless and that he would never achieve his dreams. Grammer had often been vociferous with her that he would one day become a millionaire and be able to take care of her. Instead, when she kicked him out of the house they shared, not only was he broke and homeless, but his heart had also been shattered to pieces.

Forced to move in with his parents, Grammer fell into a massive depression. It was a period that brought an enormity of pain. To deal with it, he used the one asset that he could turn to: his mind. He engaged in something called future jumping. He would time travel in his mind, to meet his future self and to notice the differences. The present-him was broke and homeless but the future-him ran a billion dollar digital marketing agency, owned the building its name was on, and lived a lifestyle replete with the finer things in life.


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