4 Marketing Ideas From the Fashion Industry Every Business Can Use

In order to succeed, fashion brands have no choice but to be creative.

Fashion is one of the most cutthroat industries. Famous fashion brands compete not only with each other but with smaller and younger brands. What’s more, today’s customers, and especially fashion customers, have become more demanding. They don’t want to buy just a product — they want to buy a story, a lifestyle, emotions. They want to be surprised and be a part of something bigger.

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In order to succeed, brands have no choice but to suit the customer’s request. They have to be creative. Therefore, they test every single marketing tactic, trying the latest trends. And that is the reason fashion marketing is so awesome.

Let’s look at some marketing tactics the fashion world is using already.

Unexpected collaborations

Collaboration is all about attracting a new audience, and fashion brands have had great success. We’ve already witnessed H&M, known as a mass market brand, make collections in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo and other high fashion brands. Or Nike, for example: The sports giant surprisingly collaborated with luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

One of the most surprising collections came from Adidas. In partnership with Stella McCartney and the organization Parley for the Oceans, Adidas made a unique swimsuit collection. The crucial thing about it is the fact that the garments are made of refined oceanic litter.

We see that fashion brands successfully combine things that look different: wearable and unwearable, mass-market and elite, sports and fashion. Why are they doing it? They make a new product that fits a new audience. That is an excellent way to extend both a product line and a brand’s audience.

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Celebrity endorsements

Again, it’s all about finding the new audience. The whole concept of using celebrity to promote a business is not new. The idea is quite simple: Celebrities’ fans adore them and trust their opinion and choice. That’s why when a brand uses a celebrity in its advertising it gets more than a new audience — it gets a loyal audience. Although those in the fashion industry may be celebrities themselves, they still invite big names from different spheres to be advocates for brands. For example, Puma made Rihanna the creative director of its women’s collections. And this tactic doesn’t only work for retail. The Bank of Georgia invited a famous blogger to participate in its Christmas campaign. What did the bank get? Worldwide attention, audience and engagement growth across all social channels, and as a result, massive PR.

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Newsjacking marketing

The term “newsjacking” was popularized thanks to David Meerman Scott’s book Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas Into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage. Newsjacking means that the company uses hot news or a trending topic to draw audience attention to the brand. Fashion brands have gone even further. They use hot political trends and put political slogans on clothes. These “political” collections were demonstrated throughout New York Fashion Week by several brands such as Prabal Gurung, Creatures of Comfort, Opening Ceremony and Alice + Olivia. For example, The Row embroidered the words like “freedom and “hope” on certain pieces, and Public School used a play on Donald Trump’s famous red hat.

This move gets the fashion brands opportunity to get the attention of a very new kind of audience — young and politically engaged people. What’s more, these collections were wildly written about not in fashion but in political media, so the brand gets broader media coverage.

There are a lot of news, ideas and events happening every day. The trick is to pick a relevant topic and use it to draw attention to your brand.

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The main benefit fashion retail gets from livestreaming is the audience. Live video helps brands reach millions of people. Moreover, thanks to livestreaming, the biggest industry event — fashion week — is no longer elite and a closed-door event. Everyone can watch the show in real-time. And this is the right way to expand the brand’s audience. Although every single guest of the event can make a live video on their own channels, fashion weeks have their own, official channels. They announce and promote these channels before the event has happened, on all social channels, and redirect the social audience to the official website.

The audience, meanwhile, adores live video. For example, let’s look at the incredible spikes of engagement on Louis Vuitton’s Instagram page. That day, a livestreaming of the Men’s Fall-Winter 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week was announced. As soon as the brand mentioned a live video, engagement tripled.

louis vuitton live video graphImage credit SEMrush


10 Current Trends in Digital Marketing That You Should Think About

 If you are a search engine optimizer or a digital marketer, you should always be up to date with the current trends in the world of digital marketing. The nature of the world of digital marketing is such that it changes overnight. The trend which was taking the world by storm yesterday might not hold the same value and power today.

Everything in this world is fast paced, which means that you need to grasp every change as quickly as possible. In this article, we are going to look at 10 current trends in digital marketing that you should think about.

1. Video Domination

Videos are getting more popular these days. Whether it is Facebook or even on Instagram, videos are getting more views than regular and image based posts. Also, it is easier for you track the success of a video campaign as many companies tell you how many people have watched your videos, where the data is not that clear in terms of regular creative.

You should definitely take the advantage of video marketing for your campaigns. If done perfectly, a video advertise can be way more effective than a regular creative based ad like old school methods.

2. Paid Advertisement

Gone are those days when you could reach thousands of people with organic reach. Unless you rank your website on the first page of Google for keywords, it is not possible for someone to get reach a lot of people without paid advertisement. Paid advertisement is still cheaper than the traditional way of analog marketing and you should definitely take that advantage. The price is always increasing so it will be better for you if you can start early. Especially, some new social media websites are way cheaper than they should be and as a company, you should take that advantage.

3. Creative Content

Creativity is now the deciding factor of whether someone will engage with your post or not. Engagement is the first priority that you look for because when someone engages with your creativity, it is an indication that they are interested about the product. A complete marketing budget might go to waste if you are not spending enough for the creative part of it whether it is an image or a video.

4. Tougher Google Guidelines

Google has changed a lot over the years. It is tougher today than it ever was to rank a website. You have to do things right to make sure that you are ranking your website. Whether you go white hat or black hat about the process, it has to be carefully executed to see the best results. Also, with all the Google penalties, it is easier now than ever to receive a penalty on your website. Therefore, you will have to stay extra careful.

5. Value of Engagement

It is important that you engage with your customers in every way possible. Always reply to their comments on your social media pages including YouTube videos. Appoint someone to interact with them if possible. Also, if you are uploading blog posts regularly on your website then you should encourage your readers to ask you questions in the comments. Engagement now plays a big role, both as a social proof and as a SEO method.

6. Staying Away from Scam

As the internet is becomes mature, more and more scams are happening around. We already know about the hacking attempts that are dominating the world these days, but there are scams in the world of marketing too. Make sure that you are using the right marketing tools and right equipment to avoid issues. There are companies who have faced lawsuits due to using copyright protected image, music or videos that they bought from a company and thought it was original.

7. Growth of Crypto Currency

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin have already started to rise and it seems like this industry is going to keep on growing in future. There are a lot of benefits that crypto currencies offer, including borderless transactions and no fee model while transacting money. Apart from that, you also get the option to stay anonymous while transferring the payment. A lot of companies have already started taking payment via bitcoin and it is going to keep on increasing.

8. 360 Marketing

Gone are those days when you could get your desired number of traffic using just one method or style of marketing. Now, you have to opt for a 360-degree campaign. Your desired customer has to see you everywhere before you get his or her lead or sale. Therefore, try not to keep any stone unturned when it is a marketing campaign. Target all social media and do not forget about Google Adwords or YouTube Advertisement either.

9. SEO Has Changed

If you are operating your website like it is still 2011 then you are missing out a lot of traffic. SEO has changed a lot over the years and it is a completely different game today. There are more than 200 ranking factors that Google now looks at to rank a website. You have to make sure that you are dominating most of them to hit it right. SEO is also a long term marketing style now so you should not expect the result of your SEO campaigns overnight.

10. VR & Voice

The world of virtual reality and voice based operation are slowly getting into the market. We have already seen products like Google Home or Amazon Echo that are working in the voice operated industry. There is a chance that both virtual reality and voice based communications are going to take over the traditional world of marketing in a few years from today.

If you can follow these 10 steps perfectly, then there will be no problem in promoting your company or a campaign perfectly.


Digital marketing tips for start-ups

Digital marketing is one of those buzzwords that everyone says you need to know about if you’re going to run a successful business. But how can you make sure you’re getting it right? Emma Gribben, founder of Digital by Emma, shared some tips on the Virgin Media Business VOOM Tour in Belfast recently…

“You know your business inside out, but do your customers?” Emma asked at the start of her talk. “No. So you need to tell them.”

But, she said, you need to tell them in a way that they understand, on channels that they use, and in your own language. “You need to understand who your target market is and the channels they are using,” Emma said, and recommended: “Be yourself. Be your company. Be very clear about your tone of voice.”

Where do you start?

1. Own your space

Emma said that you need to make sure you own your brand name on Google – and to make sure that you’re on top of what people are saying about your brand online. “You want to put your competitors onto page two of search results,” she said.

2. Know your audience

Obviously you need to know who your target market is for your business – but you also need to work out who you’re targeting online. Target market profiling can help you to work out what that person looks like – and where they are active online. Then once you’ve done that, Emma said, “it becomes clear what the questions people have about your business are” – and then you can work on answering them.

3. Create an experience

Marketing of all kinds is about creating an experience and with digital the scope is even greater, with technology enabling you to do so much more. “Give [your audience] something new and exciting,” Emma said. “We are consuming digital content all the time so you need to find what is unique about your business.”

How do you do it?

Mobile first is the real key here. People use their mobiles to surf the internet more than they use tablets, laptops or desktop computers now so you need to make sure that mobile is your priority when you’re creating anything digital. Emma said: “Start with mobile and build it from there. If you are not mobile optimised you will lose out.”

When creating your mobile first website though, it’s important that you only include the necessary information. Don’t overload your pages with too much – keep it simple, Emma recommended.

Once you’ve created your site, Emma said it’s important to test it and make sure that it works properly and isn’t loading really slowly on mobile. She recommended using Google’s testing site,, to see how your website performs.

For more expert advice for small businesses, check out the Virgin Media Business VOOM Tour. Visiting cities across the UK and Ireland, the VOOM Tour is offering free advice for entrepreneurs in everything from funding to marketing to PR. The next stop is in Newcastle on July 6th, find out more on the Virgin Media Business website.